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  • Although C. pipiens primarily utilizes birds as bloodmeal hosts [ 19 20 ] , it inhabits human-made containers, and is a known pest of humans [ 21 ] .

  • Varying habitat size affects species and communities living in small aquatic habitats, and many of these species appear to be flexible in their choice of habitat [ 16 23 24 25 ] . However, we need to be able to distinguish between fundamental effects of scale, that is, how habitats of different size affect growth and survival of individual C. pipiens, and artifacts caused by scaling, which may be determined as much by experimental design as by actual differences in habitat scale [ 3 ] . Vertical, or wall, surface area is thought to be the source of artifacts in micro- and mesocosm experiments that are scaled down from actual habitat size and artificially enclose the system in question [ 3 ] . Wall area is an artifact, because as microcosms are scaled down wall area per unit volume increases, which may affect composition of the microbial community and increase dominance of periphyton [ 3 ] . Determining the source of effects is critical for understanding the ecology of scaling and for how microcosm design affects experimental outcomes.

  • We then added first instar C. pipiens larvae obtained from Carolina Biological Supply to each microcosm in such a way that the density of each microcosm would be relatively constant.

  • We hypothesized that there would be detrimental effects of increasing depth and decreasing horizontal surface area on survival and growth of C. pipiens.

  • Growth and survival may thus be affected by habitat size, which varies greatly among small aquatic habitats [ 23 24 31 36 ] . There is a positive relationship between size, or volume, of the habitat and species richness, and between volume and growth responses of individual species [ 16 23 24 25 31 37 ] . Levels of water and resources may be important cues to ovipositing females, with resulting impacts on individuals and communities [ 9 16 38 39 ] . Oviposition site selection is an important variable affecting survival and development of non-dispersing larvae, and large volumes may be preferred by females laying eggs in aquatic environments due to increased stability and decreased risk of drought [ 29 39 ] . However, allochthonous plant material from surrounding terrestrial areas is the major input of energy resources to many freshwater detritus-based food webs, and resource quantity in these habitats is highly heterogeneous and dependent on location of the habitat relative to resource inputs [ 14 40 ] . Clearly, the choice of habitat by ovipositing C pipiens females will have growth and survival consequences for offspring.

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