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  • Despite the striking defects of the phosphosite mutant proteins in vitro , neither net1(7m)-myc9 nor net1(19m')-myc9 cells expressed a dramatic phenotype.

  • A variation on this theme is that it might never be possible to construct a phosphosite mutant of Net1 that binds Cdc14 but fails to release it during anaphase, if the hydroxyl groups that are phosphorylated normally form critical hydrogen bonds that tether Cdc14 to Net1.

  • To evaluate whether the net1(7m) and net1(19m') phosphosite mutants have an impact on FEAR, we analyzed Cdc14 localization in synchronous populations of dbf2-1 , net1(7m) dbf2-1, and net1(19m') dbf2-1 cells following release from an α-factor block in G1 phase at 25°C to α-factor-free medium prewarmed to 37°C (nonpermissive temperature for dbf2-1 ). As shown in Figure 6D, the percentage of cells that completely released Cdc14 during early anaphase (spindle length 0-8 μm) was reduced by ~50% in net1(7m) and ~25% in net1(19m') cells compared with wild-type cells.

  • A word of caution on phosphosite mapping

  • Although Cdc5 activity (1) is necessary to free nucleolar Cdc14 in late mitosis, (2) can elicit ectopic release of Cdc14 in pre-anaphase cells when overproduced, (3) regulates the phosphorylation state of Net1 during anaphase, and (4) can disassemble native and recombinant RENT complexes in vitro by phosphorylating Net1, a combination of in vivo and in vitro phosphosite mapping and mutagenesis experiments suggest that Cdc5 mediates exit from mitosis primarily by phosphorylating targets other than Net1.

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