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How can you use “pg-” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Activity of PG-1 on P. aeruginosaand B. cepaciastrains

  • To compare binding of PG-1 to LPS and lipid A from P. aeruginosa 9027 and B. cepacia 25416, we devised a simple bioassay based on the radial diffusion assay.

  • It was Albert Brooks who pointed out--when his great Lost in America (1985) received a restricted rating from the MPAA for its use of "fuck" in a "sexual context"--that if a character says "I want to fuck you over this desk," the picture will get an R rating, but if he says, "I want to fuck you over with this desk," it will get a PG-13.

  • The mean C L of PG-1 for the six P. aeruginosa strains was 0.30 μg/ml, and the mean C L for the five B. cepacia strains was 5.02 μg/ml, a 16.

  • Binding of LPS or lipid A to PG-1 was assessed with a Biacore 2000 system (BiaCore AB, Piscataway, NJ); a very similar approach was used to study LPS binding by peptide domains of horseshoe crab factor C [ 46 ] . This innovative technology uses surface plasmon resonance to study biomolecular interactions in real time.

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