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  • It is notable that the PDZ domains predicted for the DLG5 protein do not have the GLGF motif [ 2 ] , present in most members of the MAGUK family.

  • The DLG5 gene encodes for 2 PDZ domains, with another region in the N-terminus having very weak homology to an additional two PDZ domains.

  • This motif helps in the binding of the MAGUK with the C-terminus of proteins that have the consensus E (S/T) × (V/l) motif [ 19 ] . However the studies on the Drosophila protein InaD, which also has a PDZ domain, show that are other targets for the PDZ domain that do not have the consensus C-terminus binding motif [ 20 ] . Thus in DLG5 the PDZ domain may be binding to other targets that do not require the classic GLGF motif for interaction.

  • The DLG5 gene encodes for a protein that is a member of the MAGUK (Membrane Associated Guan late Kinase homologs) family of proteins located in the plasma membrane [ 2 ] . MAGUK is a new family of proteins that act as a molecular scaffold for intracellular signaling pathways [ 11 ] . The MAGUK family of proteins is characterized by domains that interact with other proteins to create an assembly of large multi-protein complexes [ 10 ] . The PDZ (PSD-95, DLG and ZO-1) domains are the best characterized for their binding to the C-terminal region of channels and transmembrane proteins [ 11 ] . Usually each protein has 1-3 copies of such domains [ 8 12 13 ] . The SH3 domain (Src homology 3) are present in proteins that couple transmembrane receptors to signaling molecules [ 14 ] . The presence of this domain in MAGUKs increases their possibilities of interacting with signaling pathways.

  • It has recently been suggested that G-protein coupled receptors with PDZ domains, SH2-containing domains and PTB domains participate in protein-protein interactions with partners other than G-proteins, such as Grb2 and JAK2, which may allow these receptors to bypass the G-proteins and utilize other signaling cascades (29).

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