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  • This probability is P(X 2 - X 1 > 0), or equivalently, P(X 2 > X 1 ). Since in a normal distribution the probability P(X ≤ x) = P (Z ≤ (x - μ)/σ), where μ is the distribution mean, σ the standard deviation and Z the standard normal variable [ 29 ] , the probability the lower payoff is higher than the higher payoff, when both vary as ~ N (0, 1), is:

  • The starting point for panic theory is the observation that there is a tension between the desire of individuals for flexibility--the ability to spend whenever they feel like it--and the economic payoff to commitment, to sticking with long-term projects until they are finished.

  • What's more, if the past year's huge rise in stock prices reflects a new but accurate optimism about future economic growth, this means the payoff for that future growth is already in the past.

  • A simple varying payoff structure can be analysed intuitively.

  • However, both are just certain regions within a larger universe of 24 possibilities in which various other types of symmetric games will be encountered [ 4 ] . These other undefined regions all represent different potential games so the whole is best described as a market, since different individuals meeting each other have different payoff matrices - or values - for tradable commodities (obtained from cooperation or defection) [ 17 28 ] . Prices change according to the relative value to the "buyer" and "investor" and, since these vary, the interactions between members of any one population can move dynamically around the phase space, sometimes in and out of special areas such as those defined as the Prisoner's Dilemma.

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