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  • Author 5 (DLM) conducted all laboratory work involving sample preparation, amplification and typing of human papillomaviruses at CDC.

  • The first set of genes, transmembrane cochlear expressed genes 1 and 2 ( TMC1 ) and TMC2 [ 5 ] were found in a search for mutations causing dominant and recessive deafness in human and mouse [ 5 6 ] . Mutations in the second pair of genes, EVER1 and EVER2 , are linked to epidermodysplasia verruciformis that is associated with an increased susceptibility to infection with some human papillomaviruses causing a high risk of skin carcinoma [ 7 ] . We noticed that the proteins encoded by these genes are homologous, which raised our interest in testing whether the genome accommodates additional related genes.

  • Human papillomaviruses (HPV) serve as an ideal model system for determining the efficiency and feasibility of eSensor DNA detection technology since there are at least 30 distinct genital HPV types that can be effectively amplified with broad-range consensus PCR primers [ 9 ] . We designed two eSensor chips, each containing 14 probes specific for the conserved L1 region of the HPV genome.

  • The protein encoded by ORF2S (designated PEVE E1) is homologous to the helicase domain of superfamily 3 (SF3) viral helicases, such as E1 proteins of papillomaviruses (Figure 3) [ 18 19 20 ] . Similar to SF3 helicases, the PEVE E1 domain contains a P-loop (motif A) and two conserved motifs (B and C) that determine helicase function [ 18 19 ] . However, unlike SF3 helicases, PEVE E1 contains only the helicase domain with no additional protein domains.

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