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  • In addition, based on overexpression, distinct SCF Pop1pand SCF Pop2pcomplexes were proposed to target unknown substrates, but no biochemical evidence of their activity was provided [ 18 ] . To address these questions, we cloned two additional subunits of SCF Popand performed a detailed characterization of its activity in vitro and in vivo . Our results indicate that heterooligomeric SCF Pop1p-Pop2pmediates Rum1p ubiquitylation whereas distinct SCF Pop1pand SCF Pop2pcomplexes target unknown nuclear and cytoplasmic substrates, thereby generating combinatorial diversity of SCF function in fission yeast.

  • Similarly, β-TRCP1 and 2, which target IκBα for degradation as homooligomers, form heterooligomers that each bind SCF core subunits, although no biochemical activity for this heterooligomeric complex was demonstrated [ 29 ] . Finally, Pop1p and Pop2p homooligomerize, at least when overexpressed [ 18 ] , indicating that both F-box proteins may also be present as homooligomers in individual SCF Pop1pand SCF Pop2p, respectively.

  • Individual SCF Pop1pand SCF Pop2pcomplexes bearing ubiquitin ligase activity

  • While these data support the existence of distinct SCF Pop1pand SCF Pop2pcomplexes, individual binding of Pop1p and Pop2p to SCF core components in the absence of their heterodimerizing F-box protein partners does not rule out the possibility that these complexes represent inactive intermediates formed during the normal assembly of functional SCF Pop1p-Pop2pcomplexes.

  • In the wild type lenses, typical cross-sectional patterns of fiber cells organized in radial columns were observed (Figure 3K,3N,3Pand 3S).

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