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  • 1 or islet amyloid polypeptide, markers of mature pancreatic β-cells (see Figure 1C; data not shown).

  • One of the hallmarks of cancer includes the accumulation of mutations in key genes, namely DNA repair genes [ 4 ] , tumor suppressor genes [ 5 6 ] , and proto-oncogenes [ 5 6 ] , accompanied by the loss of the wildtype allele, resulting in loss of heterozygosity [LOH, see reviews by [ 7 8 9 ] ]. Pancreatic cancer, which results in the death of approximately 30,000 Americans annually and is the fourth leading cause of cancer mortalities in the United States, exhibits this hallmark [ 10 ] . For example, in pancreatic cancer there is a high incidence of mutations (>50%) in the tumor suppressor genes p16, p53 and DPC4 and approximately 90% of cases coincide with a mutation in the oncogene K- ras 2 [see review by [ 11 ] ]. Furthermore, a significant percentage of tumors harboring a mutated copy of DPC4 or p53 also lose the corresponding wildtype allele, resulting in LOH [see reviews by [ 11 12 ] ].

  • Previous work has shown that a significant percentage of mutations in p53 and K- ras 2 are localized to mutational hotspots, namely codons 175, 245, 248, 249, 273, and 282 in p53 and codons 12, 13, and 61 in K- ras 2 [reviewed in [ 14 17 18 ] ]. Each of these mutational hotspots was sequenced in the genomic DNA of various pancreatic cell lines using polony technology as follows.

  • The secreted form has been referred to as megakaryocyte potentiating factor (MPF) for its ability to stimulate the megakaryocyte colony forming activity of murine IL-3 in mouse bone marrow cell culture [ 23 24 ] . Mesothelin expression is induced in a variety of cancers including ovarian, pancreatic, lung, and cervical cancer [ 25 26 ] . The soluble portion of mesothelin has drawn attention as a potential serum tumor marker since it is highly over-expressed in patients with ovarian carcinomas and pancreatic adenocarcinomas [ 27 28 ] .

  • The lack of glycosylation seen in the in vitro canine pancreatic microsomal membrane translation experiment may again be due to poor 55/57-kDa myocilin doublet resolution or the inability of this artificial system to faithfully glycosylate myocilin.

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