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  • Advances in transplant-based therapy for type 1 diabetes mellitus [1] and a dearth of cadaveric pancreatic islets of Langerhans have focused interest on developing renewable sources of transplant-ready islet-replacement tissues.

  • [ 8 ] showed that SOCs in pancreatic β-cells have characteristics essentially identical to channels activated by MTX in the same cell type.

  • The major and important finding in this study is that PMA impairs electrical excitation of rat pancreatic β-cells through PKC-independent mechanism.

  • Mean operating time was 232 ± 116 min(median 210 min, range 37-493 min), mean intraoperative blood loss was 2064 ±2271 cm 3(median 1100 cm 3, range 0-9000cm 3),mean transfusion of red blood cells was 3.4 ± 4.7 units (median 2 units,range 0-18 units), and mean intraoperative fluid administration was 5369 ±3922 cm 3(median 4300 cm 3, range 400-20600 cm 3).During their postoperative course, seven patients required second procedures(two drainage intraabdominal abscesses, two tracheostomies, one repair ofbleeding peptic ulcer, one repair of postoperative intraabdominal bleed, onerepeat pancreatic debridement), two patients required a third procedure (onerepeat pancreatic debridement, one removal of intra-abdominal packing andclosure of abdomen), and one patient required a fourth procedure(thoracotomy/decortication for empyema).

  • One of the hallmarks of cancer includes the accumulation of mutations in key genes, namely DNA repair genes [ 4 ] , tumor suppressor genes [ 5 6 ] , and proto-oncogenes [ 5 6 ] , accompanied by the loss of the wildtype allele, resulting in loss of heterozygosity [LOH, see reviews by [ 7 8 9 ] ]. Pancreatic cancer, which results in the death of approximately 30,000 Americans annually and is the fourth leading cause of cancer mortalities in the United States, exhibits this hallmark [ 10 ] . For example, in pancreatic cancer there is a high incidence of mutations (>50%) in the tumor suppressor genes p16, p53 and DPC4 and approximately 90% of cases coincide with a mutation in the oncogene K- ras 2 [see review by [ 11 ] ]. Furthermore, a significant percentage of tumors harboring a mutated copy of DPC4 or p53 also lose the corresponding wildtype allele, resulting in LOH [see reviews by [ 11 12 ] ].

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