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  • This kit detects the mid-cycle rise of LH using morning urine with a sensitivity of 35 mIU/mL of LH and its predictive validity with respect to ovulation has been estimated as 93% [ 14 ] . Although the use of a minimum progesterone value to exclude data from anovulatory cycles from the analyses helped ensure acquisition of the mid-luteal phase samples, only 52% of samples were obtained on exactly the 5 thday from ovulation.

  • Critical windows of activity in the sheep include: somatic ovarian tissue differentiation (from the gonadal ridges of the mesonephros) and growth (up to Day 50 of gestation); germ (from yolk sac endoderm) and pregranulosa (derived from the ovarian surface epithelium) cellular migration into and colonization of the ovaries (Days 30-65); clonal expansion of oogonia (Days 35-75); onset of meiosis and arrest (by Day 80) at the dictyate stage of prophase (the first division of meiosis is not completed until ovulation); and ovigerous cord regression and primordial follicle emergence (Days 65-110) [ 1 31 32 33 ] . It seems apparent that germ cells are particularly vulnerable to a metabolic insult when in the phasic transition between mitosis and meiosis I.

  • A number of reports have characterized constitutive expression of HSP70 and HSP90 in both immature oocytes and ovulated eggs from various species [ 32 33 34 35 36 ] . HSP70 and HSP89 are constitutively synthesized in the immature, preovulatory mouse oocyte, although the expression is not heat-inducible [ 37 ] . Levels of HSP70 mRNA decrease following oocyte maturation and ovulation [ 38 ] , and HSP70 is one of the first genes to be transcribed at the onset of zygotic gene activation in the early 2-cell mouse embryo [ 39 40 ] . Interestingly, while previous investigators did not localize HSP70 to the oolemma, they did demonstrate that the presence of anti-HSP70 antibody reduces bovine sperm-egg binding in vitro.

  • It is noteworthy that epidemiological studies have shown that the risk of epithelial ovarian cancer is decreased by factors that suppress ovulation, i.e., pregnancy, breast-feeding, and oral contraceptive pill.

  • High expression was seen in all the GC of the dominant follicle, except at ovulation when there appeared to be a decrease in BMPR-II mRNA within the cumulus GC (Fig.

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