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  • In six of these cases, the location, coding potential/identity and pattern of the overlap with the antisense RNA species is highly consistent between the mouse and human candidates, supporting the argument for functional relevance of these overlaps.

  • As specialized proteins of the intermediate filament protein family, lamin A/C is found at the inner nuclear membrane where it forms a scaffold that interacts with a network of membrane bound and nucleoplasmic proteins in addition to chromatin [ 3 4 5 ] . Mutations in the gene encoding the nuclear membrane protein emerin produce autosomal recessive Emery Dreifuss Muscular Dystrophy, a disorder that phenotypically overlaps the neuromuscular and cardiovascular features seen with lamin A/C mutations [ 6 ] . Consistent with this, lamin A/C directly binds emerin [ 7 8 ] . Lamins A and C are broadly expressed in many different cell types and are primarily expressed in terminally differentiated cells.

  • Figure 4shows that calibration curves from comparing plant and microbial symbiont training sets have good separation and minimal overlap (about 10%) in two of three cases, but not for training set B 2 , comprised of zygomycetes and chytridiomycetes, which overlaps considerably with plants (Figure 4b).

  • On the other hand, small vacuoles contain abundant cytochrome c signal, which nearly completely overlaps with the SOD1 signal (Fig.

  • Thus motif overlaps are allowed and weighted according to how well they explain the data, and multiple weak copies of a factor are all counted [ 5 12 ] . Our background model is a Markov model fit to all triples of bases in the window and accounts for local compositional variation which could otherwise push up the representation of any matrix that matched one of the high copy number base triples (eg hb matches poly A tracts).

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