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How can you use “overhang” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Saving the surpluses would allow the federal government to reduce the debt overhang from past deficit spending and enhance future budgetary flexibility.

  • The labelled oligonucleotide was only ligated to the cDNA end of the BglI restriction site due to the non-palindrome nature of the overhang (see Fig.

  • Studies in Escherichia coli have shown that, although RecA is the principle protein involved in pairing and strand exchange, unrelated proteins, that have a much more restrictive phyletic distribution, can also promote similar reactions in a RecA dependent or RecA-independent manner [ 3 ] . These alternative or additional mediators of homologous recombination include the well-characterized prophage RecT, phage λ Redβ and phage P22 ERF proteins [ 4 5 ] . Similarly, in yeast and vertebrates, the RAD52 protein is involved in the pairing and strand exchange reaction and can promote recombination in a RAD51 (the eukaryotic RecA homolog)-dependent or independent manner [ 6 ] . The RecT protein works in conjunction with the RecE-nuclease [ 7 ] and was initially described in genetic studies on the complemention of mutations in the RecBCD pathway of DNA repair [ 8 9 10 ] . Biochemically, RecT has been shown to bind single-stranded (ss) DNA 3' overhang regions generated by the RecE nuclease, and promote strand exchange between homologous DNA partners by assisting the pairing of complementary single-stranded regions [ 4 10 ] . The reaction catalyzed by the RecT/RecE system is similar to that described for the phage λ exonuclease (exo/Redβ) and the single-strand annealing protein Redβ.

  • The overhang appears similar to the dorsal blastopore lip in amphibian embryos, and we give it that name.

  • The exterior is notable for its diamond pane windows, deep second-story overhang, and massive chimneys.

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