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  • The labelled oligonucleotide was only ligated to the cDNA end of the BglI restriction site due to the non-palindrome nature of the overhang (see Fig.

  • The house is an intriguing mixture of Baroque furniture and Roman antiquities, but the main attraction is the charming garden with its trellised arches and dramatic overhang with magical views overlooking the island and the bay.

  • The overhang appears similar to the dorsal blastopore lip in amphibian embryos, and we give it that name.

  • Studies in Escherichia coli have shown that, although RecA is the principle protein involved in pairing and strand exchange, unrelated proteins, that have a much more restrictive phyletic distribution, can also promote similar reactions in a RecA dependent or RecA-independent manner [ 3 ] . These alternative or additional mediators of homologous recombination include the well-characterized prophage RecT, phage λ Redβ and phage P22 ERF proteins [ 4 5 ] . Similarly, in yeast and vertebrates, the RAD52 protein is involved in the pairing and strand exchange reaction and can promote recombination in a RAD51 (the eukaryotic RecA homolog)-dependent or independent manner [ 6 ] . The RecT protein works in conjunction with the RecE-nuclease [ 7 ] and was initially described in genetic studies on the complemention of mutations in the RecBCD pathway of DNA repair [ 8 9 10 ] . Biochemically, RecT has been shown to bind single-stranded (ss) DNA 3' overhang regions generated by the RecE nuclease, and promote strand exchange between homologous DNA partners by assisting the pairing of complementary single-stranded regions [ 4 10 ] . The reaction catalyzed by the RecT/RecE system is similar to that described for the phage λ exonuclease (exo/Redβ) and the single-strand annealing protein Redβ.

  • 2) and virtually all Bgl I sites (with the exception of sites with CCT overhang) occasionally found in the inserted cDNA sequences were not labelled, as the overhangs created by the restriction digest were not compatible with the overhang of the used oligonucleotides.

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