Example sentences for: over-representation

How can you use “over-representation” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • An over-representation of VH4 genes in the autoimmune repertoire has been described [ 7, 8].

  • There is evidence that the H-box motif is involved in developmental regulation of flowering, but there is no report of its involvement in stress/defense responses [ 88 89 ] . However, a combination of the H-box motif and the G-box motif has been shown to be important for binding of bZIP transcription factors to rapidly induce defense-related genes [ 47 90 91 ] . The significant over-representation of these two motifs together in the promoter sequences of the stress cDNA collection suggests that combinatorial interactions between these two cis -elements may also be important in the regulation of stress-responsive genes.

  • "We have said 'yes' to many things which would be countenanced in no other democracy," he said--to "power-sharing with former terrorists" and to "a system of allocating ministries in the proposed Executive which would lead to an over-representation of nationalists."

  • Compared with the germline representation [ 5], an over-representation of VH5 and an under-representation of VH4 genes were remarkable.

  • This approach identified 297 human and 252 mouse UniGene clusters that contained a statistically significant over-representation of incorrectly oriented ESTs.

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