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  • One of great importance, urokinase (uPA) and its high affinity receptor, the GPI-anchored membrane CD87 (uPAR), is critical in tumour progression and its level of expression is correlated with poor prognosis of various cancers such as prostate [ 2 ] , breast [ 3 ] , colon [ 4 ] , ovarian [ 5 ] , gastric [ 6 ] , brain [ 7 ] , and lung cancer [ 8 ] . Urokinase (uPA) and its main product plasmin belong to the very early proteases [ 9 10 11 ] that activate the metallo-protease (MMP) cascade and therefore control cell motility, tissue remodelling and the activation of various angiogenic factors (VEGF, TGFβ).

  • Colon, leukemia and melanoma cell lines display the strongest correlations within class, whereas breast, NSCLC and ovarian cell lines seem to be the most heterogeneous classes.

  • Five women had a family history of premature ovarian failure (two patients had sisters with premature ovarian failure, one patient's mother had premature ovarian failure, one had a paternal aunt with premature ovarian failure, and one patient had a paternal aunt, a grandmother, and a great-grandmother who were thought to have the condition).

  • The physiological relevance, if any, of the diminution in numbers of surface antral ovarian follicles in dams of the restricted nutrition group is unclear - this was not reflected by a perturbation in circulatory estradiol-17β.

  • Twenty-six patients with premature ovarian failure participated in this study (median age of 33 years, range 18-39 years).

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