Example sentences for: intriguingly

How can you use “intriguingly” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Daimler's cars feature safety innovations that Chrysler will be able to incorporate into its vehicles and, most intriguingly, Daimler has been a pioneer in fuel-cell technology, which means that Chrysler will immediately become the dominant American player in developing noncombustion-engine cars.

  • Intriguingly, HSP90 staining was primarily localized to the microvillar region of normal eggs (the region opposite the pole containing the metaphase chromatin) whereas the staining became delocalized and more intense following activation.

  • Intriguingly, two distinct tissue library profiles were scored for a total of 38 mapped ZNF paralogs, with the telomeric portion of the cluster predominantly expressed in germ cells (589/622 ESTs).

  • These same conclusions regarding energy expenditure were reached in experiments assessing enzymatic activities, and transcriptional changes in rat liver using Northern blots, where fish oil feeding: increased palmitoyl CoA mitochondrial and peroxisomal oxidation rate; increased Cpt1, Cpt2, Δ 3, Δ 2-enoyl CoA isomerase, and Ech1 expression and activity; and decreased expression and activity of FA synthase, malic enzyme, glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase, and pyruvate kinase, compared to palm and/or safflower oil feeding [ 93 ] . Likewise, in rat white retroperitoneal adipose tissue, fish oil feeding also decreased Fasn expression [ 94 ] . Intriguingly, the hormone leptin, which also acts through SREBP-1 and PPARα, affected many transcripts similarly to LC-PUFA ( e.g. , leptin decreased Gpam and Apoa4 transcripts; and up regulated Ech1, mitochondrial Hmgcs2, and Cyp4a14 transcripts [ 95 ] .

  • The specifics of the surveillance station are intriguingly murky: It is tiny, staffed by less than a dozen people (mostly or all Chinese), and possibly mobile.

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