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  • In situ TUNEL revealed positive staining in the intimal layer of affected aortas (Fig 7A).

  • 2) indicated that the intimal vascular lesion induced by MCMV infection was characterized by collagen deposition and smooth muscle proliferation.

  • The presence of apoptotic T-lymphocytes has been reported to be a feature of MCMV infection [ 44 ] . Apoptosis of vascular endothelium induced by immune effectors has been described in both SSc patient vessels as well as those of UCD chickens (one of the animal models for SSc) [ 45 ] . Recently, it has been reported that IgG autoantibodies from SSc patients bind CMV late protein UL94 and this induces apoptosis in human endothelial cells [ 15 ] . We detected the presence of apoptotic cells in the intimal layer as well as in inflammatory infiltrate of the affected aortas (Fig.

  • In addition, a striking increase in the severity of intimal lesions was noted in irradiated mice (Table 2).

  • The normal intima of the synovium is one to two cells thick and consists mainly of macrophage-like and fibroblast-like cells [ 3 ] . In inflammation, macrophages make a large contribution to intimal thickening, where these cells increase in number and proportion [ 3 ] . Evidence indicates that intimal macrophages arrive via the circulation as monocytes [ 4 ] , and it is proposed that increased numbers of intimal macrophages in RA are largely attributed to enhanced monocyte recruitment from blood vessels in the synovium [ 1 5 ] . Neutrophils are also recruited in RA and can be found in abundance in synovial fluid, yet they occur in relatively low numbers in the synovium [ 5 ] . In synovial fluid their number can reach 10 6per joint, particularly during an active phase of the disease [ 6 ] . Neutrophils occur at the pannus-cartilage junction [ 7 ] and it is presumed that these cells reach the joint cavity by migrating from the blood vessels in the synovium, following a chemotactic gradient.

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