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  • Prostaglandin E 2 is a major cyclooxygenase metabolite of arachidonic acid which exerts diverse effects on vascular smooth muscle tone and epithelial solute transport via G-protein coupled receptors [ 1 2 ] . At least four distinct G-protein coupled PGE 2 receptors have been cloned: the EP 1 , EP 2 , EP 3 , and EP 4 [ 1 ] . Pharmacological studies suggest PGE 2 relaxes vascular smooth muscle through two of these receptors, the EP 2 and EP 4 receptors, which couple to cyclic-AMP generation [ 3 ] . In contrast, PGE 2 constricts other vascular smooth muscle through EP 3 receptors which inhibit cAMP generation via G i or EP 1 receptors which increase Ca 2+mobilization [ 3 ] . Although both EP 2 and EP 4 receptors relax smooth muscle, EP 2 receptors are uniquely sensitive to the agonists butaprost and AH13205 [ 3 4 ] . Previous studies have shown that PGE 2 increases the cAMP concentration in many tissues including kidney, intestine and uterus, but the relative contribution of EP 2 versus EP 4 receptors to these effects is incompletely defined [ 5 6 ] . Recent studies in mice with targeted disruption of these receptors have suggested an important role for EP2 receptor in regulating systemic hemodynamics.

  • In IBD, especially Crohn's disease, MAdCAM-1 acts as the main ligand for a4b7-expressing lymphocytes and recruits these lymphocytes into the intestine where they initiate and sustain chronic inflammation.

  • The estimated parasite densities in some of the tigers in the Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary were up to 1500 flukes in the lungs or a total of 30 meter length of tapeworms in the intestine [ 17 ] . Parasites in such a large amount can certainly have considerable impact on the health, behaviour and reproductive success of individuals.

  • Adenomas in the small intestine had an average diameter of 1.64 ± 0.22 mm and 1.73 ± 0.14 mm for vehicle- and aspirin-treated Min /+ mice, respectively.

  • However, our observation in Caco-2 cells is consistent with the recent report by Barley and colleagues [ 16 ] indicating a high expression level of CaT1/ECaC2 in human intestine based on Northern blotting, and similar findings by Peng et al.

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