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  • (2) The primitive condition in bilaterians is most likely a single Runx gene, represented in the deuterostomes of our collection by the sea urchin S. purpuratus and the tunicate C. intestinalis , and in the protostomes of our collection by C. elegans . Runx gene duplications appear to have occurred independently in the lineages leading to vertebrates (which have at least three Runx genes) and insects (which have three or four Runx genes), suggesting that Runx genes in these latter organisms have probably acquired a number of specialized, taxon-specific regulatory functions (e.g.

  • The intron position assignments were aided by an alignment of the acquired C. intestinalis Runx gene with partial cDNA sequences obtained from a TBLASTN search using the S. purpuratus SpRunt-1 protein sequence to query the C. intestinalis cDNA project site at http://ghost.zool.kyoto-u.ac.jp/indexr1.html.

  • The Ciona intestinalis Runx gene was assembled with sequence files obtained from the Trace Archive database.

  • A "seed" sequence was found in C. intestinalis gDNA, Ti 119616831 ( Supplemental Table 1), by a MegaBLAST search using nucleotide sequence encoding exon 3 of SpRunt in the NCBI Trace server site http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/blast/mmtrace.html.

  • The midasin gene in Giardia intestinalis (accession AF494287) was cloned in silico from sets 1-11 of the unassembled genomic nucleotide sequences kindly made available by the Giardia Genome Project [ 11 ] . Regions of conserved amino acid sequence in the human and yeast genes for midasin were used as input to the Tblastn server at Genbank [ 56 ] to identify clones that encoded homologous regions in Giardia.

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