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  • The simplest explanation is that integrase was provided in trans by a second cosmid transiently present in the original transformant, and indeed, M. smegmatis bacteria carrying an integrated copy of the 4-kb plasmid can be readily isolated following electroporation of a mixture of the 4-kb plasmid and a plasmid that expresses integrase (unpublished results).

  • The insert also contains 104 bp of the Rv0366c ORF fused to 220 bp of the L5 integrase ORF.

  • 2 plasmid contains an oriE for plasmid replication in E. coli , the mycobacteriophage L5 integrase and attP site to allow integration into the M. smegmatis chromosome, two selectable genes, ble (bleomycin or zeocin resistance) and amp (ampicillin resistance), and the M. tuberculosis RV1221 ORF cloned downstream of the M. tuberculosis hsp60 promoter.

  • These results suggests that the hybrid protein does not retain integrase activity, that integration by homologous recombination into attP is unlikely, and that provision of integrase activity by an M. smegmatis gene chromosomal does not occur.

  • This ORF could encode a 108 aa protein which contains the 73 amino-terminal amino acids of the 344 aa L5 integrase protein fused to the 34 carboxyl-terminal amino acids of the Rv0366c ORF.

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