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  • The N-terminal end of this exon is bounded by an intron whose position is absolutely conserved among all Runx genes except DmRunt and AgRunt (which have apparently lost the intron), while the C-terminal end is bounded by an intron that is conserved among all deuterostome species in our collection, and shifted but a few nucleotides downstream in the insect genes and upstream in the C. elegans gene.

  • Unexpectedly, the Anopheles genome contains only four members of this subfamily, and all are located in a single cluster on 2L (Figure 7b); the same four members were identifiable in the unassembled genomic sequence of Apis [ 48 ] . The simplest scenario is that members of the K box-family have undergone radical duplication and dispersal about the genome in Drosophila . This is consistent with the finding that the remaining members of the K-box family [ 47 ] , including mir-11 , the three mir-6 paralogs and the K-box-antisense gene mir-5 , are similarly absent from both Anopheles and Apis . However, one new putative member of the K-box family (2R:4681879) was identified by miRseeker, and it has been conserved in all four sequenced insect genomes.

  • The ultimate origin of the word is an Egyptian town Canopus , evidently well known for the notorious insect.

  • A smattering of reviewers griped about Jar Jar Binks, and the Village Voice was offended by the "blatant ethnic stereotype" behind Watto, "the hook-nosed merchant insect."

  • Insect cell extracts were passed over a column consisting of a double stranded DNA containing two high affinity NFAT sites immobilized on streptavidin sepharose via a biotin at one 5' end.

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