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How can you use “inflection” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • A putative replication origin was identified by GC skew analysis [ 14 ] . A strong inflection point in the GC plot marks this origin (Fig.

  • In the three hundred years since Pepys the general drift of English has been towards a Chinese kind of grammer with loss and confusion of inflection and with phrases used as words.

  • Entries range from grammatical matters (like agreement between various elements that ought to agree), to questions of syntax (like the placement of adjectives), to matters of semantics (like the discussion of adequate ), to the meaning, usage, spelling, inflection, and pronunciation of a large number of words and phrases that might be confused ( adduce, deduce ; plural/singular status of addendum, agenda ; spelling of practice, practise ; plurals of words ending in -o , etc.).

  • As in the case of the future tense in English, tense in Chinese is indicated by an auxiliary verb or a particle, not by inflection of the verb.

  • A carelessness about inflection in Pepys's day is shown above with the examples of the objective I and who . Rarer back then was the use of whole phrases as single words as, for instance: to quickly and efficiently do this job, where the verb and two adverbs are treated together as a so-called split infinitive marked by to, instead of the prescribed to do this job quickly and efficiently, where only do is the infinitive marked as such by to and modified by two adverbs.

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