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  • In all this talk about entries, it must be remembered that the (accepted) practice in counting dictionary entries in the U.S. (and becoming the standard in the U.K. as well) is to count not only headwords, or main entries, but inflected forms, variants, changes in part of speech, run-on words (like cunningly and cunningness under cunning ), and list words (like reaccuse and reacquire ), which need no definition.

  • She understood the meaning of ban; she had apparently heard its inflected past tense form; but the infinitive and the present tense forms were unknown to her.

  • ' So the English word Soviet corresponds to both the Russian noun sovét or much more often to the Russian adjective sovetskii in their many inflected forms.

  • Many languages are inflected, which is also a form of redundancy, since English gets by nicely with little inflection.

  • The notion of entry, as described many times in these pages, includes (1) head-word,(2) inflected forms (which, in the sole case of the MW-III , includes regular inflections, which pumps up the entry count considerably), (3) changes in parts of speech, (4) embedded boldface entries (like idioms and phrases), (5) run-on forms (those that are added at the ends of entries to illustrate headwords with suffixes of transparent meaning added, e.g., national and nationally run on to nation and nationalization run on to nationalize , (6) spelling variants (like British honour, nationalise, nationalisation , etc.).

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