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How can you use “inflected” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • In the wild--that is, in the more freewheeling and inflected realm of spoken language-- groovy thrives in a largely ironic state; the use of the word requires a context of wavelength synchrony between speaker and listener.

  • She understood the meaning of ban; she had apparently heard its inflected past tense form; but the infinitive and the present tense forms were unknown to her.

  • In all this talk about entries, it must be remembered that the (accepted) practice in counting dictionary entries in the U.S. (and becoming the standard in the U.K. as well) is to count not only headwords, or main entries, but inflected forms, variants, changes in part of speech, run-on words (like cunningly and cunningness under cunning ), and list words (like reaccuse and reacquire ), which need no definition.

  • An entry in US commercial dictionary parlance means every headword (that is, main entry set flush left, often in larger boldface type); every inflected form; every run-on entry (the self-evident boldface words consisting of the headword plus a productive ending like - tion , - ly , - ness , etc.); list words (those beginning with a common prefix of transparent meaning like

  • 3. W lists etymologies near the beginning of those entries that have them, directly following the inflected forms (if any); L places them at the end of the entry.

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