Example sentences for: inducibility

How can you use “inducibility” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Western blot analysis with anti-GFP polyclonal antibodies (Clonetech) was used to test inducibility of GFP-LacI/NLS in transgenic plants.

  • Most frequently, poor MHCII inducibility in response to IFNg has been attributed to alterations in the IFNg signalling pathway and epigenetic silencing of gene expression (reviewed in Ref [ 13 ] ). The cascade of IFNg signalling events leading to transcription activation of MHCII genes has been characterized in great detail (reviewed in Ref [ 30 ] ). Binding of IFNg to its receptor results in JAK-mediated phosphorylation of STAT1 on Tyrosine 701.

  • A second enzyme, IDO, is distinguished from TDO by its expression pattern, substrate specificity and inducibility.

  • These results underscore the similarity between trans-silencing and paramutation, because in both cases epialleles are often silenced incompletely and may also adopt novel regulatory patterns [ 4 10 ] , for example light inducibility [ 33 ] . Perhaps, silencing at the dimeric E82 locus involves a hierarchical relationship between its two intact T-DNAs.

  • Bryostatin 1 rescues IFNg inducibility of MHCII in LS1034 colon carcinoma cells

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