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How can you use “implied” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • For instance, adrenalin is also the common term in AE (not epinephrine ), though the latter is known; BE bath can be tub in AE but is usually bathtub ; an AE cookie is a BE sweet biscuit , but biscuit is a common alternative term in AE for a dry cracker (Remember Uneeda Biscuits ? They are crackers.); Americans bring up their children, as the British do, but they also raise or rear them; AE has both curtains and drapes , but they are different things: BE uses curtains for what AE speakers call drapes ; AE has both deck chair and beach chair , not, as implied, the latter instead of the former; likewise, AE has dressing gown as well as robe and bathrobe , but a dressing gown is more likely to be somewhat fancier; Americans know many games of solitaire , of which patience is just one; both crayfish and crawfish are used in AE, and it is about time that the old (British) fiction that Americans say railroad for what the British call a railway was put to rest: for at least two generations, one of the biggest companies in the US was called Railway Express .

  • Actually, given the crippling effect of the gay controversy on the first six months of Clinton's presidency, it implied Gore was willing to give the gay issue priority over non-military issues as well.

  • To Sheehy, Dukakis and Reagan and Hillary Clinton are case studies, just like the ones laid out in Passages : Rosalyn, the Jewish-American princess and wife who had to flee to Marin County to find herself; Mia, who enslaved herself to a saintly philosopher and had to divorce him to find herself; Donald Babcock, the Hotchkiss and Yale graduate who unconsciously emulated his father in everything he did, and who, Sheehy implied, had damn well better go through a crisis in order to find himself, and soon.

  • The competitive advantage the world's largest retailer enjoys over its rivals in a robust economy would be even greater during hard times, when those puny competitors would be battered by economic gales, which to the mighty chain are but gentle zephyrs, Flickinger breezily implied.

  • But is the disparity in scientific contributions between the developed and developing worlds actually remaining unchanged or even increasing, as Mr. Annan has implied?

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