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How can you use “implicate” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • For example, 1) in Type 1 diabetes mellitus, the bulk of both the linkage and association data implicate the HLA region and INS [22]; 2) for Type 2 diabetes mellitus, there are a number of findings in the literature where the association evidence appears to be consistent and compelling ( CAPN10 , KCNJ11 , and PPARG )—the data indicate that the same marker allele is significantly associated and has an effect size of similar direction and magnitude [22] (the linkage data are less congruent, probably due to power considerations); and 3) for age-related macular degeneration, at least five studies show highly significant association with the same CFH Y402H polymorphism [23–27] in a region strongly implicated by multiple linkage studies.

  • Experts tend to implicate increased environmental exposure to carcinogens.

  • These correlations can implicate common features of the environments while pointing to the regulatory systems that are activated in each situation.

  • HGT has become a widely accepted mechanism of rapid evolution and diversification in prokaryotic populations [ 5 6 7 ] . Recent genome analyses of primitive eukaryotes, such as the sea squirt ( Ciona intestinalis ) [ 8 ] and single-celled parasitic diplomonads [ 9 ] , implicate HGT events in early eukaryotic evolution.

  • After the identification of the syntenic region in mouse ( Sle1 ) as a susceptibility interval for murine SLE [ 9], a targeted study by Tsao et al [ 10] was the first to implicate this locus in human SLE (marker D1S229; P <0.

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