Example sentences for: implicate

How can you use “implicate” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • The results implicate excess fetal GC response in late gestation as the reason for the multi-systemic phenotypes in the absence of LIFR.

  • Our observation that the temporal expression profile of miR-100 (Figure 5d) is similar to that described for let-7 and miR-125 (that is, expression is initiated during larval/pupal development and continues through adulthood [ 9 29 ] ) is consistent with probable coordinate expression of all three as a single pri-miRNA transcript, and may further implicate miR-100 in developmental timing.

  • Unique State Ethics Rules: LSC acknowledges that there may be states where the rules of professional responsibility, ethics rulings, case law or other laws differ from the general framework under the Model Rules of Professional Responsibility and where the disclosures sought by OCE may implicate the recipient attorneys' professional responsibilities or other law.

  • There is no evidence that the ASCR domain in the DDRP α-subunits binds nucleic acids and studies on SUI1 protein and the arginine repressor ligand-binding domain implicate the ASCR domain in protein-protein interactions and small molecule binding [ 77 79 ] . However, most of the ASCR domains are present in proteins that interact with nucleic acids (see above), raising the possibility of a role in non-specific nucleic acid binding.

  • Although these findings are promising and implicate glutamate in retinal neurotoxicity in AKXD28 mice, further experiments are needed to completely characterize vitreous glutamate levels and their relationship to IOP and glaucoma in this strain.

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