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How can you use “immortalized” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Originally, we pursued a strategy of reduced Tag expression from the htk promoter as a means of producing immortalized, differentiated cells that may have a reduced transformation phenotype.

  • Several heat shock proteins have been found in cell nuclei in the absence of stress [ 30 ] , and alpha-crystallin has been shown to interact directly with DNA [ 18 ] . AlphaB, expressed in transfected CHO cells, has been shown to ectopically localize to interphase nuclei, suggesting a regulatory role for this protein in the nucleus [ 19 ] . A subset of immortalized lens epithelial cells from alphaBKO mice have been shown to hyperproliferate [ 20 ] suggesting that alphaB may be important in maintaining genomic stability.

  • We have previously characterized clonal mouse astrocyte cell lines, immortalized by transduction of SV40 large T antigen expressed from the MoMuLV LTR [ 6 13 ] . Here, we compare variation in Tag levels in 3 of these lines and 3 additional lines (termed tkT lines), immortalized with Moloney Sarcoma Virus vectors expressing Tag from an internal herpes thymidine kinase (tk) promoter.

  • Tag immortalized human tracheal epithelial (HTE) cells grown at different densities and assayed for cytokeratins 6 and 18 showed a density dependent decrease in cytokeratin immunoreactivity and a concomitant increase in %G 1 both in normal growth medium and in differentiation medium (Frisa & Jacobberger, unpublished).

  • Murine podocytes immortalized with interferon-inducible temperature-sensitive SV-40 T antigen ( ts -SV-40 T) were isolated and infected with replication incompetent GFP-expressing HIV-1 virus, replication incompetent GFP-expressing single-gene mutants of HIV-1, or replication incompetent GFP-expressing control lentivirus containing GFP but no HIV-1 genes as previously described [ 7 8 ] . In all cases, 70% to 80% of podocytes showed GFP expression 4 days post infection (data not shown).

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