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  • Relevant to the main finding of this study, that VEGF mRNA signal is stronger in deep oxidative regions of the muscle expressing a high proportion of type I and IIa fibers, is the extensive literature describing skeletal muscle capillarity, blood flow, and the angiogenic response to exercise or electrical stimulation [ 22 ] . Fibers with an oxidative phenotype have a greater number of surrounding capillaries than glycolytic fibers [ 23 ] . This difference in vascular supply is consistent with the metabolic profiles of type I and IIa fibers versus IIb and IId/x fibers.

  • Under this classification scheme, fibers are characterized as follows: type I fibers are slow-twitch with a high oxidative capacity; type IIa fibers are fast-twitch with a high oxidative and glycolytic capacity; type IIb fibers are fast-twitch with a low oxidative and a high glycolytic capacity; and type IId/x fibers (common in small mammals) are fast-twitch with a metabolic profile intermediate to that of IIa and IIb fibers [ 17 ] .

  • Glycolytic regions were located superficially, and were identified based on the expression of only type IIb and IId/x fibers.

  • 9% is also quite different from our PCR result, while their I and IIa findings are very similar to our PCR results, and their IId/IIx result closely parallels our IIx area percentage immunocytochemistry result.

  • In order to observe the pattern of regional VEGF production, serial cross sections were used to identify fiber types as I, IIa, IIb, and IId/x by histochemistry and immunohistochemistry.

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