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How can you use “ebert” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Obituaries fondly recalled his on-air debates and "two thumbs up" salutes with fellow reviewer Roger Ebert on their eponymous syndicated TV show.

  • This road-cum-boxing movie starring Woody Harrelson and Antonio Banderas is both trite and strange: On one hand it "knocks the Rocky tradition on its ear by giving us two boxers to root for in the same match" (Joe Morgenstern, the Wall Street Journal ), but despite this departure from convention, it manages to include "an assembly of ancient and familiar prizefight clichés" (Roger Ebert, the Chicago Sun-Times ). Director Ron Shelton ( Bull Durham ) is a veteran of successful sports movies, but this one lacks the "off-the-wall larkiness" of his previous efforts (Jay Carr, the Boston Globe ). The film culminates in a gruesome fight between the two stars that leaves several critics bemoaning the confusion over whom to root for; others contend that the scene's emotional conflict works in its favor.

  • Janet Maslin writes that the film has "the warm glow of a hazelnut coffee commercial" (the New York Times ). Despite the fromage factor, great performances by Wright Penn and Paul Newman--who plays Costner's father "with the relaxed confidence of Michael Jordan shooting free throws in your driveway" (Roger Ebert, the Chicago Sun-Times )--make the film tolerable.

  • It's always nice to be noticed, but Ebert's implication--that it's silly to be conflicted about the work of an artist, even one whose technical and emotional smarts have matured at different rates--is willfully obtuse.

  • Critics call it preposterous and filled with baffling inconsistencies, or as Roger Ebert writes, "[m]ovies like this are particularly vulnerable to logic" (the Chicago Sun-Times ). Words such as "ridiculous" and "absurd" pepper the reviews: It's "fire-and-brimstone bunk, a tired compendium of involuntary crucifixions, grim messages carved into human flesh, fly buzzings, ominous choral chants on the soundtrack and at least one head twisting" (Desson Howe, the Washington Post ). (Click here to find out how religious leaders persuaded the filmmakers to change the story's ending.)

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