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How can you use “droplets” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • We generated a rhinoviral aerosol with a 6-jet Collison nebulizer (model CN-38, BGI, Waltham, MA), which generates 2-μm mass-median diameter (MMD) droplets when run at 20 psig of air pressure [ 31 ] . The nebulizing solution consists of PBS, diluted virus, and 0.05 g/l uranine.

  • Although rhinoviruses have been thought to be transmitted via large droplets or contact [ 7 ] , studies in the 1980's demonstrated that fomites are not an effective means of transmitting rhinovirus infections [ 8 9 10 ] . While direct inoculation of respiratory secretions has been shown to transmit infection, this is not a likely route of transmission in older children and adults as survival on hands is brief [ 9 ] . Airborne transmission of infection was clearly demonstrated in one experimental study on adults [ 8 ] . However, in the absence of epidemiological studies designed to conclusively identify modes of transmission, the role of airborne transmission in viral respiratory infection remains controversial.

  • The authors estimated a human ID 50 of 0.032 TCID 50 for nasal drops and 0.68 TCID 50 for aerosols [ 36 ] . In a study conducted in 1984, researchers inoculated volunteers with rhinovirus type 16 with droplets of viral suspension in several locations.

  • Reporters described the "outpouring" of emotion at the makeshift shrine, mentioning the address over and over again: 20 N. Moore St., 20 N. Moore St. The accompanying videotape used close-up shots and slow pans of the not-entirely cluttered stoop; the camera lingered over the flickering flames of memorial candles and the droplets of water clinging to the flower petals.

  • The main reason for the low yields appears to be the result of large droplets falling out in the drying jar prior to entry into the exposure chamber.

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