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How can you use “double-strand” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • double-strand cutting activity, and thereby explaining coupled action between chromatid cutting and telomere addition (see below).

  • Processing of pri-miRNA into the pre-miRNA stem-loop occurs in the nucleus, while subsequent processing of pre-miRNA into 21-22 mers is a cytoplasmic event mediated by the RNAse III enzyme Dicer [ 17 18 19 20 ] ; Dicer is also responsible for cleavage of long perfectly double-stranded RNA into 21-22 nucleotide fragments during RNA interference (RNAi) [ 2 21 ] . These latter molecules, known as silencing RNA (siRNA), bind to and trigger the degradation of perfectly homologous mRNA molecules via RISC, a double-strand RNA-induced silencing complex containing nuclease activity [ 22 23 ] .

  • If a chromosome carries multiple replication forks as usual at 37°C in rich media, more than one double-strand break may be necessary to form a non-circular, branched species, which should be able to move through the gel.

  • Double-strand (ds) breakage of chromosomal DNA is obviously a serious threat to cells because various activities of the chromosome - gene expression, replication and partition - depend on its integrity.

  • Therefore, our finding of accumulation of more of the non-linear forms in a rich medium than in a poor medium (Figure 1) does not immediately allow us to conclude that starving conditions induce a chromosomal double-strand breakage.

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