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How can you use “divergence” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Examples from naturally infected cattle and wildlife herds were also examined to assess the level of divergence among and within outbreaks.

  • Although the three capping reactions are universal in eukaryotes, there is a surprising diversity in the genetic organization of the capping enzymes as well as a complete divergence in the structure and catalytic mechanism of the RNA triphosphatase component in "lower" versus "higher" eukaryotic species [ 1 ] . Metazoans and plants have a two-component capping system consisting of a bifunctional triphosphatase-guanylyltransferase polypeptide and a separate methyltransferase polypeptide, whereas fungi contain a three-component system consisting of separate triphosphatase, guanylyltransferase, and methyltransferase gene products.

  • The functions of these genes indicated that they could indeed be transferred genes, acquired before the divergence of the genomes considered.

  • The divergence between these species is sufficient such that there does not appear to be any need to go to more distantly related species to obtain a high level of signal to noise to detect functionally constrained sequences.

  • The core of the eukaryotic recombination system appears to have been inherited from the system present in the common ancestor shared with the archaea [ 29 ] . However, RAD52 is thus far absent in all archaeal genomes and is restricted to a single orthologous group in the eukaryotes [ 29 ] . Thus, it appears plausible that eukaryotic RAD52 was ultimately derived through lateral transfer either from a bacterial genome or directly from a viral source, at a point at least predating the divergence of the crown group eukaryotes and Entamoeba.

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