Example sentences for: distributive

How can you use “distributive” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • In female meioses of D. melanogaster , heterochromatic pairing of homologs can substitute for chiasmata to ensure bipolar spindle attachment of bivalents and subsequent distributive segregation [ 4 5 6 8 ] . Rec12 may serve a similar role in maintaining a paired (or pseudo-paired) state between achiasmatic chromosomes prior to the first meiotic division.

  • We propose that the Rec12-Y98F protein facilitates distributive segregation of achiasmatic chromosomes during MI.

  • There are minimal data in the medical literature assessing the frequency or outcome of patients with distributive shock that is unrelated to sepsis or the sepsis syndrome.

  • Second, catalytically-inactive Rec12 protein facilitates achiasmatic (distributive) segregation.

  • In the absence of crossover recombination (chiasmata) and a backup distributive (achiasmatic) system for chromosome segregation, MI nondisjunction should occur and 100% of any resulting diploid spore colonies would be heterozygous for centromere linked markers (Figure 5B).

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