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  • Furthermore, the tentative placement of disciform Kaschgaria and discoid Stilnolepis sister to the entire subtribe suggests that there may have been multiple origins for disciform, as well as discoid capitula.

  • In addition, plants with discoid capitula are considered homogamous since all florets are of one sexual form (perfect-bisexual disk florets), and plants with disciform capitula are considered heterogamous with two or more sexual forms ( i.e., pistillate rays and perfect disks, or pistillate rays and staminate disks).

  • Kaschgaria was removed by Poljakov from Artemisia s.l . on the basis of stellate corolla hairs, and was considered more closely related to Seriphidium than Artemisia s.s ., even though it is disciform rather than discoid [ 2 ] . Kaschgaria possesses spineless pollen [ 2 37 ] . Therefore, placement of Kaschgaria and Elachanthemum outside of the Artemisia -group is intriguing because if these placements remain robust, wind-pollination may have arisen more than once in the tribe, or insect-pollination may be secondarily derived within Subtribe Artemisiinae in the radiate genera (clade 3 of Fig.

  • The genera that comprise the Artemisia -group are closely related and were considered monophyletic on the basis of ancestrally, disciform-heterogamous capitula and spineless pollen, with discoid capitula secondarily derived by the loss of ray or marginal florets (Fig.

  • Both genera are discoid with corymbose capitula, but whether either genus possesses spineless pollen (a synapomorphy for the Artemisia -group) or is wind-pollinated has not yet been determined [ 2 37 ] . Kaschgaria, a genus of two species from China and central Asia, is also placed outside of the Artemisia -group, but clearly within Subtribe Artemisiinae (94% probability) in the ITS phylogeny.

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