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  • Disruption of HNT2and tetrad analysis of dinucleoside polyphosphate levels

  • These conditions did not render the cells conditionally null for Hnt2 because cells expressing HNT2 continued to limit dinucleoside polyphosphate accumulation during hours of heat shock, though at levels of ~0.

  • Catalytic activity of the Fhit ApppA hydrolase depends on His96 [ 14 16 ] . To test whether the active site of Hnt2 is necessary to control dinucleoside polyphosphate accumulation in vivo , wild-type and mutant alleles of HNT2 that differ at His109, corresponding to human Fhit His96, were expressed from the HNT2 promoter on plasmids (Table 3) in hnt2ΔADE2 strain BY71-6c.

  • Human Fhit [ 14 ] and the S. cerevisiae Fhit homolog [ 13 ] , which was called Aph1 but is here termed Hnt2 under nomenclature aproved by the Saccharomyces Genome Database, cleave ApppA more readily while Aph1, the S. pombe homolog, cleaves AppppA more readily [ 20 ] . Consistent with the ApppA hydrolase activity of purified Fhit protein, most cancer cell lines that are Fhit negative at the protein level have higher levels of ApppA than cell lines that are Fhit positive [ 21 ] . Nonetheless, the actual concentrations of dinucleoside polyphosphates were submicromolar in every cell culture sample [ 21 ] and thus, under the reported culture conditions, the measured dinucleoside polyphosphates would not be expected to occupy the Fhit active site substantially [ 19 ] . Dinucleoside polyphosphate levels were measured in adenine-requiring S. cerevisiae strains before or after disruption of the Fhit-homologous HNT2 gene [ 13 ] and in adenine-requiring S. pombe strains as a function of disruption and overexpression of the Fhit-homologous aph1 gene [ 22 ] . Recently, it was observed that diadenosine polyphosphates undergo a divalent cation-dependent conformational change that might mediate their biosynthesis, catabolism or signaling properties [ 23 ] .

  • Increases in dinucleoside polyphosphates in Hnt2+ cultures cannot be attributed to thermal inactivation of Hnt2 because the presence of HNT2 plasmids continues to reduce incremental increases in dinucleoside polyphosphates even in the fourth hour of the heat shock.

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