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  • In fact, because ADE2 HNT2-His109Ala strains have high levels of dinucleoside polyphosphates and an Hnt2 polypeptide, such a strain may be sensitized to secondary mutations, whether dinucleoside polyphosphates are friend or foe [ 42 ] .

  • The high levels of ApppN (~100 μM) and AppppN (~10 μM) and the fact that Hnt2-containing samples continue to reduce the rate of increase in dinucleoside polyphosphates without reducing their concentrations demonstrate that heat shock induces dinucleoside polyphosphate synthesis and that Hnt2 is saturated under such conditions.

  • While cells without a functional HNT2 gene accumulate dinucleoside polyphosphates in excess of 10 μM in a variety of nonstressed and stressed conditions, 46°C heat shock was the only condition that produced dinucleoside polyphosphate accumulation in excess of 10 μM in cells containing a functional HNT2 gene.

  • To test whether such conditions induce dinucleoside polyphosphates in hnt2- or Hnt2+ cells, we incubated ADE2 hnt2 and ADE2 HNT2 cells in water, 1 M sorbitol, 2 mM CdCl 2 , 46 °C heat shock, 10 mM caffeine, or in rich media for two hours and determined dinucleoside polyphosphate levels.

  • This reduction was active-site dependent: adding back multicopy HNT2 with the nucleophilic histidine replaced by alanine or aspartate reduced dinucleoside polyphosphate levels less than two-fold.

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