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  • However, neither the mechanism of uptake nor the precise role of DHA in the brain is currently well understood [ 20 ] . Rigorous elimination of DHA and its precursor 18:3n3 from animal diets leads to limited, but significant, phenotypic effects [ 21 ] . The basic biochemical pathway of DHA biosynthesis from its precursor 18:3n3 is still being resolved [ 22 ] . The EPA component of fish oil is linked to anti-inflammatory, anti-thrombotic, and generally, eicosanoid-mediated effects by antagonizing AA metabolism.

  • He explains the mortal consequences of diets high in dairy, protein, and fat.

  • In the present work, mice were fed control diets adequate in 18:2n6 and 18:3n3 but lacking LC-PUFA; or a diet enriched in fungal oil (FUNG) enriched in AA, the n6 elongation and desaturation product of 18:2n6; or a diet containing fish oil (FISH) enriched in 22:6n3 and 20:5n3, the major n3 LC-PUFA elongation and desaturation products of 18:3n3; or a diet containing both fungal oil and fish oil (FUNG+FISH).

  • Hippocampal protein kinase Cδ (Prkcd) was slightly down regulated with the three LC-PUFA diets (-1.

  • (It will be posted Wednesday evening, Aug. 6.) Slate readers, of course, are much too morally austere to have any genuine interest in the sex lives of Hollywood stars, the diets of talk show hosts, and suchlike paranormal phenomena.

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