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  • Although adrenalectomy initially caused a greater loss of body weight in the diet-induced obese mice (high fat-diet sham-operated mice lost 1.2 ± 0.5 g seven days after surgery compared to diet adrenalectomized mice who lost 2.9 ± 0.3 g; p < 0.05), by two weeks after the surgery body weight in both groups had fully recovered body weight to pre-surgery levels.

  • Although the mechanisms through which adrenalectomy acts to reverse obesity is not entirely clear, it is plausible that the mechanisms entail enhanced hypothalamic POMC production [ 6 ] . Hypothalamic POMC mRNA is reduced in several forms of obesity [ 18 19 20 ] . Conversely, reversal of obese phenotypes by adrenalectomy is associated with a restoration of hypothalamic POMC mRNA tone in leptin-deficient ob/ob mice [ 6 ] . Furthermore, the melanocortin agonist MTII (which mimics the key anti-obesity product of POMC, alpha-MSH) reduces body weight in diet-induced obesity [ 21 ] . On the other hand, the effect of diet-induced obesity on hypothalamic POMC mRNA is somewhat complex and may depend on the genetic background [ 22 23 ] , and duration of the diet [ 24 25 ] or composition [ 23 ] of the diet.

  • Furthermore, the effect of adrenalectomy on hypothalamic POMC mRNA may also depend genetic background [ 6 26 27 ] . Nevertheless, we hypothesized that if adrenalectomy enhanced hypothalamic POMC mRNA in diet-induced obesity in mice, as in leptin-deficient mice, adrenalectomy would also reverse obese phenotypes in mice that became obese due to a high-fat diet.

  • Although the diet-induced obese mice consumed more (calculated) calories than chow-fed mice during the first week on the diet (during which the most rapid weight gain was observed), by the fifth week they were hypophagic both in terms of mass of food consumed (g/day) and in calculated calories consumed (calories/day) (the chow sham-operated mice consumed 16.

  • In the present study, we observed that adrenalectomy did indeed lead to a remarkable enhancement of hypothalamic POMC mRNA tone in mice made obese on a high-fat diet; surprisingly, however, adrenalectomy did not reverse diet-induced obesity.

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