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  • This silencing pathway uses short RNAs produced by Dicer and other RNAi components to direct methylation of DNA-associated proteins (histones), thus generating condensed, transcriptionally silent chromosome regions (heterochromatin) (see Figure 1).

  • Processing of pri-miRNA into the pre-miRNA stem-loop occurs in the nucleus, while subsequent processing of pre-miRNA into 21-22 mers is a cytoplasmic event mediated by the RNAse III enzyme Dicer [ 17 18 19 20 ] ; Dicer is also responsible for cleavage of long perfectly double-stranded RNA into 21-22 nucleotide fragments during RNA interference (RNAi) [ 2 21 ] . These latter molecules, known as silencing RNA (siRNA), bind to and trigger the degradation of perfectly homologous mRNA molecules via RISC, a double-strand RNA-induced silencing complex containing nuclease activity [ 22 23 ] .

  • The siRNAs are incorporated into a macromolecular complex which carries out degradation of homologous RNA sequences [ 14 ] . Dicer action serves to inhibit viral infection and retroposon movement, and also plays a role in developmental pathways by cleaving precursors to small regulatory RNAs (reviewed in [ 14 15 ] ). The predicted sequence of the mouse Dicer polypeptide exhibits a single dsRBM and tandem catalytic domains.

  • In contrast to the ubiquitous DDRP, cellular RDRPs that are involved in PTGS so far have been detected only in eukaryotes [ 1 26 ] . The PTGS phenomenon covers a variety of complementarity-dependent silencing pathways, such as RNA interference (RNAi) in animals and slime mold, co-suppression (silencing of transgene and the corresponding endogenous genes) and virus gene resistance in plants, and quelling in fungi, all of which share a common mechanism of RNA turnover [ 28 37 38 39 40 ] . Essentially, double-stranded (ds) RNA, which is formed in these processes, triggers the activation of a sequence-specific RNA degradation system, which targets homologous RNAs [ 41 42 ] . The dsRNA is broken down by the Dicer enzyme into 21-25 nucleotide (nt) fragments called small interfering RNA or siRNAs [ 43 44 45 ] . The siRNAs subsequently associate with a complex of proteins called RISC and target homologous RNA by serving as guides for multiple rounds of RNA cleavage [ 45 46 ] .

  • The reason(s) for the differential levels of expression is unclear, but it is of interest to note that the mouse Dicer transcript is also prominently expressed in brain and heart tissue, while only lightly expressed in skeletal muscle [ 17 ] . Interestingly, an additional species (~3.

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