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  • The second mammalian RNase III orthologue also exhibits a single C-terminal dsRBM and tandem catalytic domains, but is otherwise structurally distinct from Dicer as it lacks the helicase and PAZ domains (Figure 1) [ 18 19 ] . Preliminary evidence indicates that this RNase III orthologue participates in rRNA maturation.

  • Processing of pri-miRNA into the pre-miRNA stem-loop occurs in the nucleus, while subsequent processing of pre-miRNA into 21-22 mers is a cytoplasmic event mediated by the RNAse III enzyme Dicer [ 17 18 19 20 ] ; Dicer is also responsible for cleavage of long perfectly double-stranded RNA into 21-22 nucleotide fragments during RNA interference (RNAi) [ 2 21 ] . These latter molecules, known as silencing RNA (siRNA), bind to and trigger the degradation of perfectly homologous mRNA molecules via RISC, a double-strand RNA-induced silencing complex containing nuclease activity [ 22 23 ] .

  • The siRNAs are incorporated into a macromolecular complex which carries out degradation of homologous RNA sequences [ 14 ] . Dicer action serves to inhibit viral infection and retroposon movement, and also plays a role in developmental pathways by cleaving precursors to small regulatory RNAs (reviewed in [ 14 15 ] ). The predicted sequence of the mouse Dicer polypeptide exhibits a single dsRBM and tandem catalytic domains.

  • The central player in RNA-mediated gene silencing is a double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) that is chopped into tiny RNAs by the enzyme Dicer.

  • This is perhaps at odds with the nonspecific activity of Dicer, which efficiently processes virtually every input dsRNA ever tested in RNAi assays.

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