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  • (2) The primitive condition in bilaterians is most likely a single Runx gene, represented in the deuterostomes of our collection by the sea urchin S. purpuratus and the tunicate C. intestinalis , and in the protostomes of our collection by C. elegans . Runx gene duplications appear to have occurred independently in the lineages leading to vertebrates (which have at least three Runx genes) and insects (which have three or four Runx genes), suggesting that Runx genes in these latter organisms have probably acquired a number of specialized, taxon-specific regulatory functions (e.g.

  • , nematodes) with a false coelom and finally to the bulk of animal phyla having a true coelom (Coelomata) [ 1 2 ] . There has never been complete agreement on animal phylogeny and classification, but most researchers have divided living coelomate animals into deuterostomes (echinoderms, hemichordates, urochordates, cephalochordates, and vertebrates) and protostomes (arthropods, annelids, mollusks, and other phyla) based on differences in early embryonic development.

  • The neighbor-joining (Figure 3a) and maximum-likelihood trees we constructed, in combination with the fact that mammalian KCNQ1 and Anopheles KCNQ2 gene products share a striking 75% identity (despite the divergence of protostomes and deuterostomes close to 700 million years ago), suggest that gene loss in Drosophila , specifically loss of an ancestral KCNQ2 (mammalian KCNQ1 ), is the cause of this difference, rather than gene expansion in Anopheles , which may be the case for the Kv3 and Irk3 (Figure 3b) gene families.

  • The collected set of sequences thus contains representatives of several major bilaterian phyla within both deuterostomes (Chordata and Echinodermata) and protostomes (Nematoda and Arthropoda).

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