Example sentences for: detrimental

How can you use “detrimental” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Information regarding the effects of these differences on the fidelity or reproducibility of amplification should help eliminate both unnecessary procedures and those actually detrimental to amplification.

  • Finally, we hypothesized that effects of leaf litter quantity could interact with effects of container size, as increased leaf litter may compensate for lower wall area per unit volume, since microbes grow, and mosquitoes browse, on leaf litter [ 22 ] . High food abundance appears to decrease stress and compensate for detrimental abiotic factors [ 11 27 29 ] . Our experimental design allowed us to test for both vertical and horizontal surface area effects, which may be both natural effects of changing habitat size or artifacts of experimental microcosm design [ 3 ] .

  • The late stages of spermatogenesis (spermiogenesis) were extensively studied for the possible direct effects of ABP [ 16 17 42 43 44 45 ] . In these studies, however, ABP (at least at physiological concentrations) appeared to be supportive, rather than detrimental, to spermatogenesis.

  • Until better estimates of the impact of storage time on each of these analytes are available, however, it will be difficult to draw conclusions about whether error due to multiple analysis batches or error due to storage time has the more detrimental effect on temporal reliability.

  • So Gretchen Morgenson's front-page article in Saturday's New York Times lamenting the boom in short-term trading among individual investors was right about the detrimental effects of such trading on the bank accounts of the people doing it.

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