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How can you use “detoxification” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • through increased specificity of phosphate uptake, [ 2 ] ), arsenite oxidation through the activity of arsenite oxidase [ 3 4 ] , or peroxidation reactions with membrane lipids [ 5 6 ] . Other microorganisms utilize arsenic in metabolism, either as a terminal electron acceptor in dissimilatory arsenate respiration [ 7 8 9 10 ] or as an electron donor in chemoautotrophic arsenite oxidation [ 11 12 ] . However, the most well-characterized microbial arsenic detoxification pathway involves the ars operon [ 2 13 ] .

  • Both severe hepatitis and acute liver failure have been attributed to SSZ [ 25 26 27 28 ] . Patients with SSZ hepatotoxicity demonstrate a prompt recurrence of symptoms upon rechallenge with SSZ or sulfonamide [ 15 29 30 31 ] . Susceptibility to the toxic effects of SSZ and other sulfonamides may be due to the interaction of metabolic pathways regulating N-acetylation and specific detoxification of the metabolites of the drug [ 32 33 ] . However, it remains unclear if genetic differences in drug metabolizing enzyme expression may increase the risk of SSZ toxicity.

  • Our findings predict an unusual role for this enzyme in oxidative detoxification of DNA damage.

  • For example, according to VHA, after careful data analysis, its medical center in Little Rock, Arkansas, determined that only a small percentage of the patients admitted to its 28-day inpatient detoxification program needed acute medical attention.

  • The predicted 2OG-Fe(II) dioxygenase activity of AlkB is probably involved in the detoxification of methylated bases in ssDNA, possibly through hydroxylation of the methyl groups, resulting in less toxic base derivatives.

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