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  • A near-universal feature of cell signaling via seven transmembrane, G protein-coupled receptors is attenuation of a cellular response upon prolonged exposure to an extracellular stimulus [ 1 ] . This desensitization process is well-established for GnRH-stimulated LH secretion from pituitary gonadotropes [ 2 3 ] , and occurs after about 6 h of continued exposure to GnRH in rats [ 3 ] ; removal of GnRH permits recovery from the profound suppression of LH secretion, albeit rather slowly (2-4 days; 4).

  • Desensitization kinetics were also altered.

  • Down-regulation occurs after prolonged agonist treatment (hours to days), resulting in a loss of receptor binding sites [ 2 3 4 ] . The processes involved in homologous desensitization have been extensively investigated for the beta-2 adrenergic receptor, which is the prototypical G protein-coupled receptor.

  • Desensitization occurs both in cell culture systems [ 10 11 12 ] and in the intact animal [ 13 14 ] . In general the mechanisms of desensitization for the alpha-2 adrenergic receptors appear to be similar to those for the beta-2 receptor.

  • Westphal and colleagues [ 31 ] demonstrated that the 5-HT 2C receptor exhibits basal phosphorylation, and that agonist treatment was associated with increased phosphorylation and receptor desensitization in transfected cells.

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