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  • In the present work, mice were fed control diets adequate in 18:2n6 and 18:3n3 but lacking LC-PUFA; or a diet enriched in fungal oil (FUNG) enriched in AA, the n6 elongation and desaturation product of 18:2n6; or a diet containing fish oil (FISH) enriched in 22:6n3 and 20:5n3, the major n3 LC-PUFA elongation and desaturation products of 18:3n3; or a diet containing both fungal oil and fish oil (FUNG+FISH).

  • A max is not determined when heart has tetanized because of the marked influence of the shape change and desaturation of myoglobin on the reflectance spectrum.

  • The SREBP-1c/ADD1 isoform regulates transcription of genes involved in FA biosynthesis and desaturation [ 37 ] .

  • In plants, enzymes of this family catalyze the formation of the plant hormone ethylene by oxidative desaturation of 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate, and catalyze the hydroxylation and desaturation steps in the synthesis of other plant hormones, pigments and metabolites such as gibberellins, anthocyanidins and flavones [ 1, 6, 7].

  • Numerous hepatic genes containing SRE promoters were regulated by LC-PUFA in the present experiments, including SREBP-1 itself (consistent with [ 35 36 ] ). Also regulated were genes involved in triacylglycerol synthesis (Gpam), FA synthesis and elongation (Acas1, Acly, FA synthase, Spot14, Elovl2; Elovl2 may speculatively contain an SRE as described by Moon and colleagues [ 35 ] ), FA desaturation (Scd1), gluconeogenesis (Pck1), cytochrome p450 metabolism (Cyp4a-10 and -14), FA transport (Cd36), cholesterol metabolism and transport (Fpps), and ketone body formation (mitochondrial Hmgcs2).

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