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  • A summary of the maximum fluorescence during the Ca 2+transient in response to a depolarization to +90 mV is shown in Fig.

  • The γ frequency oscillations (30-100 Hz) are characteristic of responses to sensory input measured by cortical EEG [ 9 ] . In the hippocampal slice preparation, γ oscillations can be evoked by brief, high frequency tetanic stimuli to region CA1 [ 10 11 12 13 ] . The extracellular field potential response during these oscillations takes the form of a train of population spikes in stratum pyramidal at γ and β (15-30 Hz) frequencies [ 14 ] . Intracellular recordings during γ oscillations induced by tetanic stimulation reveal a slow membrane depolarization in conjunction with GABA A receptor-mediated inhibitory postsynaptic potentials [ 11 15 ] . This synaptic inhibition-based γ activity entrains action potential generation in pyramidal neurons, leading to the population spikes at γ band frequencies.

  • Accumulating lines of evidence demonstrate that the genesis mechanisms for post-tetanic γ oscillations involve slow GABA A receptor-mediated depolarization, extracellular K +elevation and field effects [ 10 11 12 13 ] . The present study showed that these three major factors also underlie hyperthermic γ oscillations.

  • The initial MTX-induced increase in [Ca 2+] i reflects the activation of a Ca 2+-permeable non-selective cation channel (CaNSC) [ 1 4 5 6 7 8 ] . This channel, which has a reported conductance in the range of 12-40 pS depending on ionic conditions [ 5 9 10 11 ] , causes rapid membrane depolarization, which in excitable cells, leads to activation of voltage-sensitive channels.

  • This indicated that the propagation of depolarization between SCN cells was inhibited by GABA A receptor activation.

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