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  • Chloride channels or chloride ions are known to influence cAMP-stimulated steroidogenesis by adrenal cells [ 29 ] , human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG)-stimulated steroidogenesis by amphibian follicle-enclosed oocytes [ 56 ] , as well as LH-stimulated steroidogenesis in rat Leydig cells [ 29 ] , MA-10 cells [ 59 ] , and chicken GC [ 35 ] . In mammalian cells, removal of extracellular chloride stimulates basal and protein kinase A (PKA)-dependent steroid hormone production by increasing the expression of StAR and potentiating the effects of submaximal concentrations of cAMP [ 29 59 ] . The proposed mechanism of action involves chloride efflux, depolarization of the mitochondrial and plasma membranes, and alterations to protein synthesis and cholesterol transport [ 29 59 ] .

  • Data obtained previously in our laboratory suggest that inhibition of granulosa I Kur should be associated with a +10 to +20 mV depolarization of cell resting membrane potential; block of I Ks alone decreased resting potential by +10 mV while block of both I Ks and I Kur decreased resting potential by +20 to +30 mV [ 18 ] . Most previous investigations of 4-AP effects on the resting membrane potentials of non-nerve, non-muscle cells have similarly demonstrated drug-induced depolarization [ 42 60 ] , although there is a single report showing 4-AP-induced hyperpolarization of chondrocyte membrane potential [ 62 ] .

  • Optical imaging of neural activity evoked by electrical stimulation in the cultured rat suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) revealed that the spread of depolarization was inhibited by gap junction blockers (halothane, octanol) but not by a blocker of voltage-depended Na +channels.

  • For example, in excitable cells such as neurons, depolarization elicits sodium entry, which in turn elicits depolarization—a positive feedback loop.

  • For post-tetanic γ oscillations, the slow depolarizations were mediated by tetanic stimulation-induced GABAergic depolarizing action [ 20 21 22 23 ] . This GABAergic depolarization is attributed to the tetanic stimulation-induced accumulation of intracellular chloride [ 24 ] and extracellular potassium [ 22 ] . For hyperthermic γ oscillations, heating causes a Na +/K +pump failure [ 8 ] , in turn resulting in the accumulation of intracellular Na +and Cl -, as well as extracellular K +, finally causing a slow membrane depolarization.

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