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  • They include: (1) sulfate esters of polysaccharides {carrageenan [ 1 16 17 18 19 ] , cellulose sulfate [ 12 13 14 15 ] , and dextran or dextrin sulfate [ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 ] }; (2) aryl sulfonates {poly(naphthalene sulfonate) [ 22 23 24 ] and poly(styrene-4-sulfonate) [ 20 21 ] }; and (3) aliphatic {Carbomer 974P/BufferGel [ 25 26 27 28 29 ] } and aromatic carboxylates {CAP [ 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 ] }. The anti-HIV-1 properties of these polymers are expected to depend on their complexation with virus proteins which is likely to occur mainly through the formation of salt linkages or ion pairs between oppositely charged groups on the polymers and virus proteins, respectively [ 56 ] . However, the anti-HIV-1 properties of these polymers may depend not only on their charge density, but also on the characteristics of their uncharged portions, which may be involved in hydrophobic and hydrogen bonding interactions which can elicit profound conformational changes in hydrophobic regions of proteins and cause disassembly of complex proteins consisting of subunits [ 57 ] . For these reasons it is not be expected that all anionic polymers, considered as anti-HIV-1 microbicides, would have similar biological activities.

  • The howlers in my collection that I most cherish, however, depend for their charm on skewed syntax.

  • This finding is consistent with the possibility that the ability of the myristoyl group to improve function to a version of Boi1 that is impaired in the ability to bind phospholipids may depend on the myristoyl group being near enough to the PH domain to be able to promote a close association with membrane of specifically the PH domain portion of the protein.

  • Although many critiques of globalization and free trade depend, at least implicitly, on Marx's immiseration thesis, which held that growth in a capitalist economy inevitably impoverished most while enriching a few, the experience of most capitalist economies, and especially those in the Third World, has demonstrated exactly the opposite.

  • Double-strand (ds) breakage of chromosomal DNA is obviously a serious threat to cells because various activities of the chromosome - gene expression, replication and partition - depend on its integrity.

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