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  • Early recognition of the contrast between the stabilizing influences of density-dependent population regulation, and potentially de-stabilizing influences of environmental variation [ 1 ] , laid a foundation for theoretical modeling of population stability in stochastic environments [ 2 ] that assumes renewed relevance in light of current developments in ecology and climate research [ 3 ] . Recently, for instance, numerous studies have documented the influences of global-scale climatic variation on the population dynamics of vertebrates in widely diverse ecosystems (see, e.g., [ 4 5 ] for reviews), including species interactions at the community level [ 6 7 8 ] . To our knowledge, however, no study has yet documented a simultaneous and direct influence of large-scale climate on the dynamics at all trophic levels in a single system.

  • Here, we use empirical data on a three-trophic level system involving predators, herbivores, and vegetation, and a community-level model, to test for the influences of climate on the dynamics at and among individual trophic levels, while simultaneously accounting for the roles of intrinsic (density-dependent) and interspecific interactions.

  • , [ 22 ] ]. This density-dependent reduction inTag expression was somewhat surprising.

  • IGFR, [ 29 ] ], and one study used several cell lines and demonstrated distinct effects of the cell genetic background [ 25 ] . Down-regulated genes include bFGF, FGF-2, Topoisomerase II-α, EGFR,, human HDAC1, as well as cell cycle regulatory genes among others [ 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 ] . Regions in the bFGF promoter have been identified as associated with density-dependent down-regulation of bFGF [ 31 ] . The IGF-II P3 promoter is down-regulated as a function of cell density, and a 7-base pair sequence has been identified that plays a critical role in this down-regulation [ 32 ] . Neither the MoMuLV LTR or the htk promoters encode this sequence, although both encode a 10-base pair sequence that is identical to the P3 sequence with an insertion of 3 base pairs at position -1081.

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