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How can you use “deinococcales” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Among the suggested sister groups were the Deinococcales [ 40 ] and spirochetes [ 41 42 ] . Our analyses do not support these earlier claims, but are in agreement with the recent analyses of genes involved in chlorophyll biosynthesis [ 43 ] , which indicated that the low GC Gram positive heliobacteria are closest to the last common ancestor of all oxygenic photosynthetic lineages.

  • This is similar to findings from genome trees that suggest a close relationship between the Cyanobacteria and Deinococcales [ 32 ] , although our 16S rRNA tree does not suggest a relationship between these taxa and the Actinobacteria.

  • For example, the arsC sequences from major divisions of Bacteria such as the Green Sulfur Bacteria (represented by Chlorobium tepidum ) and the Deinococcales (represented by D. radiodurans ) are loosely associated with either the Enterobacteriales/α-Proteobacteria (Figure 2) or Low GC Gram-positive Bacteria (Figure 3) depending upon the analysis used, but in either case diverge to form their own deep branches, suggesting that they possess distinct arsenate reductases.

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