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How can you use “deficient” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Several signaling events, including the activation of Jak kinases 1 and 3 are shared among the 'common γ chain' cytokines [ 50 ] . Other signaling events, such as the activation of Shc, Gab2, SHP-2 and MAPK, are shared among IL-2 and 15, but not the other common γ chain cytokine receptors, and Tyr 388 of IL-2Rβ appears critical for these events [ 51 ] . Despite these signaling similarities, it is clear that the biological properties of IL-2 are unique among the common γ chain cytokines, as the other cytokines cannot compensate for IL-2 in the IL-2 knockout mouse [ 52 ] . In addition, IL-15 appears uniquely critical for the development of NK cells, as evidenced by the phenotypes of IL-15 [ 53 ] and IL-15R α [ 54 ] deficient mice.

  • That's one reason why it's deficient as drama, but also why it will be hard to play on pop radio.

  • To test whether PLCγ2 is required for Btk:ER-induced calcium mobilization, parental and PLCγ2-deficient cells expressing Btk:ER were treated with 4-HT and/or anti-μ, or ionomycin as a positive control (Fig 4B).

  • To this end, we carried out similar 8-hour time courses with an isogenic L. monocytogenes strain deficient in actA (DP-L1942, Δ actA ), which is unable to nucleate actin polymerization and hence has no capacity for intracellular motility and intercellular spread [ 30].

  • This result, obtained with cells incubated at 25°C, was consistent with localization of LHCPs on envelope membranes in cells immediately after initiation of thylakoid biogenesis at 38°C [ 16 ] . At the higher temperature, not all the newly synthesized LHCPs were incorporated into envelope membranes, and the excess accumulated in cytosolic vacuoles [ 16 17 ] . This evidence for the envelope as the site of initial interaction of LHCPs with Chl was also supported by proliferation of envelope-derived vesicles in dark-grown Chlamydomonas cells exposed to only a few minutes of light [ 18 ] and the lack of thylakoids in a mutant of Arabidopsis deficient in a protein apparently required for formation of vesicles from the inner membrane of the envelope [ 19 ] .

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