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How can you use “decreasing” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • This is evidence for experimental artifacts caused by decreasing wall surface area per unit volume.

  • This qualitative criterion is conservative from at least one perspective: If we imagine that cry b 's effect might be an elimination of per-luc and tim-luc cyclings (given the mutant's isolation phenotype [ 21 ] ), elementary scrutiny of correlogram plots increases the chance that data from a given specimen could be judged rhythmic, thereby decreasing the likelihood that we would go overboard in evaluating mutationally induced damage to the clock system.

  • is expressed in skeletal muscle, with a less abundant ~7 kb transcript expressed in both skeletal and cardiac muscle [ 8 ] . Whereas tropomodulins or the Arp 2/3 complex cap the pointed end of actin filaments, the barbed end can be capped by CapZ, α, β, and γ adducins as well as gelsolin [ 9 10 11 ] . Control of thin filament length is critical for maintaining proper sarcomere function and length [ 12 ] . Inhibition of Tmod1's capping activity - either by using an antibody to its C-terminal end or by decreasing expression using an antisense Tmod1 transcript - results in elongated thin filaments and decreased cardiac contractility [ 13 14 ] . Tmod1 overexpression in rat cardiomyocytes causes shortening of the thin filaments and sarcomere disorganization, resulting in myofibril degeneration [ 14 ] . Likewise, mice overexpressing TMOD1 in the heart show disrupted sarcomere organization with shortened thin filaments, leading to myofibril degeneration and dilated cardiomyopathy [ 15 ] . Recently, Littlefield and colleagues showed that overexpression of GFP-Tmod1 in chick cardiac myocytes results in shortening of thin filaments; the authors proposed that excess Tmod1 decreases the affinity between actin monomers and pointed ends, leading to monomer dissociation and filament shortening [ 42 ] . Mutations in many proteins making up the cardiac sarcomere have been shown to cause cardiac hypertrophy [ 16 17 18 19 ] :mutations in the TPM1 gene, for example, cause type 3 familial hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (CMH3), and a transgenic mouse expressing a CMH3 mutation develops ventricular myocyte disarray and hypertrophy [ 20 ] . Mutations in myosin heavy chain 7 are estimated to account for 40-50% of the cases of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy [ 21 ] .

  • On the basis of these analyses, VHA recommended a number of techniques and processes for shortening the postoperative hospital stay, decreasing excessive diagnostic testing, and reducing the risk of postoperative infections or complications.

  • We found that there was almost no effect on gene expression in cells treated with 60 nM flavopiridol for 1 and 3 hours whereas 300 nM flavopiridol induced broad changes in gene expression, and 1 mM flavopiridol was yet more potent in decreasing mRNA levels.

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