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How can you use “decrease” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • As a result of provisions in the BBA, for example, it has been estimated that federal spending on Medicaid DSH will decrease by 11%, or $5.

  • Alpha-gustducin activates PDE to decrease intracellular levels of cAMP [ 13], while its βγ partners stimulate PLCβ2 to produce IP 3 and DAG [ 18].

  • The A326S mutation of α i1 and A366S mutation of α s (cognate to the α i2 A327S used in this study) were shown to cause greatly decreased affinity for GDP [ 9 10 ] . Defective binding of GDP leads to more Gα in the empty state (no bound guanine-nucleotide), and this form of Gα is rapidly denatured in vitro , as shown for α s A366S and α i1 A326S [ 9 10 ] . Moreover, α s A366S was demonstrated to undergo rapid degradation (t 1/2 < 1 h) in stably transfected cells [ 9 ] . The same mutation in α t has also been shown to greatly decrease guanine-nucleotide binding [ 5 22 ] . Additional amino acids in the critical β6-α5 loop are important for maintaining Gα integrity [ 7 ] .

  • “Once you get into extreme environments such as the Southern Ocean, diversity will decrease but the number of individuals will increase because the production can be very high,” says Scott Gallager, a marine biologist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (Woods Hole, Massachusetts, United States).

  • Instead, it is tempting to speculate that alternative splicing may be a mechanism to regulate cellular levels of α i2 . In this model, certain conditions may favor the formation of sα i2 compared to α i2 , and the resulting rapid degradation of sα i2 would decrease the cellular content of α i2 . A precedent for such alternative splicing-dependent regulation of expression has been described for H-ras [ 34 ] . Alternative splicing occurs in H-ras, and the alternative spliced form is predicted to encode an unstable transcript and a protein product that lacks the ability to oncogenically transform cells.

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