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  • Measles virus was the first infectious agent shown to induce TRAIL production [ 36 ] . Other studies have demonstrated induction of TRAIL by Theiler's murine encephalomyelitis virus (TMEV) in M1-D cells (a myelomonocytic precursor cell line) [ 37 ] , reovirus infection in fibroblasts [ 38 ] , HIV-1 infection in CD4 +T cells [ 39 ] , and adenovirus in 239T cells [ 40 ] . The demonstration of caspase-8 involvement in S. aureus -induced apoptosis is complemented by a recent report from our laboratory that S. aureus induces expression of TRAIL by infected osteoblasts [ 41 ] . We reported that S. aureus strongly induces TRAIL expression by both normal mouse and normal human osteoblasts, while mRNAs encoding the death-domain-containing TRAIL receptors are constitutively expressed in the same cells.

  • We have previously demonstrated that S. aureus induces TRAIL expression in normal human and mouse osteoblasts [ 41 ] . Messenger RNA encoding TRAIL is rapidly and dramatically up-regulated following exposure of osteoblasts to S. aureus . TRAIL mRNA expression is absent in uninfected cultures and shows a dose-dependent response to S. aureus . In contrast to the inducible nature of TRAIL mRNA, the messages encoding death-domain-containing TRAIL receptors are constitutively expressed in human and mouse osteoblasts [ 41 ] . Additionally, TRAIL protein is expressed and secreted following infection of osteoblasts with S. aureus . In contrast, uninfected osteoblasts do not express significant amounts of TRAIL protein.

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