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  • Six of the eight characterized genes within the top 20 genes in this cluster encode proteins that are localized to or function in relation to the cell wall, including those involved in bud growth and cell separation ( AXL2, CIS3, SIM1 ), cell-wall proteins induced by antifungal drugs ( SVS1, PRY2, PRY4, CRH1, TOS6 ), a putative cell-wall sensor ( WSC2 ), and a Golgi mannose transporter required for glycosylation of cell-wall proteins ( VRG4 ) (see [ 21] for references).

  • All cases of chronic or disseminated disease call for antifungal therapy, but the choice of drugs, route, and duration of therapy is highly dependent on the form of the disease, the severity and site(s) of infection, and the immune status of the patient.

  • The chloroform extracts of branches of Piper auritum and Piper guineense inhibit growth of Candida albicans , Cladosporium cucumerinum and the pathogenic fungus Basidiobolus haptosporus [ 92 117 ] . These results indicate a possible use of this plant extract in the treatment of subcutaneous phycomycosis in humans and animals [ 117 ] . Piper species contain lignans, benzoic acid derivatives, flavonoids including the dihydrochalcones (asebogenin) and the alkaloid piplartine-dimer A [ 61 118 ] . Asebogenin may have antiplasmodial activity [ 118 ] . The piperamides (cepharadione A and B) from Piper auritum possess antifungal and anaesthetic properties [ 61 ] . Dogs may be bathed with various Piper species to remove external parasites.

  • Another class of compounds known as imidazoles, of which SKF 96365 is the best studied, have also been shown to block MTX-induced responses in many cell types [ 5 7 12 28 ] . The imidazoles, which are antifungal agents that inhibit cytochrome P 450 , are relatively non-selective and are known to block voltage-gated Ca 2+channels and receptor-activated Ca 2+influx through so-called store-operated channels (SOCs) [ 29 ] , but their mechanism of action in this regard remains unknown.

  • Actinomycete antibiotics include such antibacterial compounds as tetracycline and erythromycin, antifungal agents like candicidin and amphotericin, anticancer drugs such as doxorubicin, and the antiparasitic avermectin (Walsh 2003).

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